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What we do

Haypp Lab is fully invested in Haypp Group’s mission of helping smokers find a healthier alternative. Insights into the oral nicotine industry is a crucial tool for understanding customer perspectives, and we’re invested in bringing this knowledge to light. With over 12 years in this space, we know which trends are fleeting and which are here to stay. We leverage established consumer markets and bring the customer right into the conversation.


Data & analytics

Haypp Lab develops a deep understanding of consumers, thanks to our data that provides information on behaviours, preferences, cultural differences, target consumers and market gaps. Daily transactional data updates enriched with consumer browsing habits offer a strategic baseline that brings customer preferences to light, from new branding to new products.

Consumer research

Haypp Lab ensures the industry remains centered around the consumer. Through a wide range of methodologies ranging from surveys to in-depth interviews, we develop and maintain deep knowledge of any type of consumer.


We provide scalability

With over 4,000 data points on each consumer in our extensive database, Haypp Lab has a broad understanding of the different markets, products and behaviours.

We discover exact customer preferences

Our wide consumer base allows us to accurately profile very specific consumer groups. This means we can provide fully customised studies and reports to develop deep understanding.

We bring data to life with machine learning

By combining our extensive data sets with advanced analytics, we go beyond traditional market research to offer targeted and unique insights into the consumers of tomorrow.

our clients

Our insights help move the industry forward in favour of better choices for consumers. We work with several types of organizations, from suppliers that amount up to 88% of the market, to universities, researchers and governmental institutions, to support bringing healthier options into our customers’ reach.

Dive deep with Haypp Lab

We are leading the industry in a new direction—one backed by never-before-seen data.

Consumers are at the heart of everything we do, and our insights indicate where the market is going and how to best serve our customers.

Get a fresh perspective on the oral nicotine industry with Haypp Lab.

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